DAO IPCI is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization operating, sustaining and developing the Integral Platform for Climate Initiatives, smart contracts and blockchain technology-based independent ecosystem designed for carbon market instruments, including carbon compliance units’, carbon-offset credits, other environmental mitigations credits, environmental assets, rights and liabilities registration, accounting and transaction data.

DAO IPCI is authentically private nonprofit project independent of government, corporate, business or green NGO particular interests.

On May 24, 2016, the Russian Carbon Fund has officially unveiled the Integrated Program for Climate Initiatives (IPCI) and IPCI-based Carbon Registry.

“The Integrated Program for Climate Initiatives is designed to develop a distributed network of mitigation contributors based on common principles, rules and criteria, as well as provide an accounting platform which can achieve absolute emission reduction targets in compliance with quantitative emission limitation commitments. The goal of the Integrated Program for Climate Initiatives is to integrate corporate and regional mitigation initiatives.”

– Sustain Europe

The IPCI derives from ongoing subnational and corporate climate initiatives and aims at providing for common investment instruments, which are based on climate change mitigation outcomes including high quality carbon offset credits.

The IPCI has served as the initial climate program for genesis of DAO IPCI blockchain.