DAO IPCI co-founder Anton Galenovich will deliver a key-note speech at the 5th Seoul Climate and Energy conference covering public blockchain use-cases for impact assessment and carbon trading.

We are sure that green finance and blockchain technology are able to prevent the “hothouse Earth” future, and we are happy to speak about our solution  at Seoul Climate–Energy Conference 2018 which will be taking place on 16 November.

Anton Galenovich will speak on blockchain potential for mitigation of climate change at the Plenary session “Blockchain and Carbon Reduction” starts at 14.00. Other presentations will be made by Henry Chung, managing director of Draper Athena, Tom Baumann, Founder and Co-Chair of Climate Chain Coalition, Lee Soo Young at CEO of KOLON ECO ONE and Steve Zhu, CEO at Wealedger.

Seoul Climate-Energy Conference (Seoul CEC) aims to impact global policy-making and enable the international community and leaders to better deal with the most pressing challenge of our time - the climate change. The event was first launched in 2014 by the collaboration between KAIST Graduate School of Green Growth and Coalition for Our Common Future.

Seoul Climate - Energy conference is one of the most prestigious international events dedicated to sustainability and green development. World’s leading experts, business leaders and policy-makers unite and exchange ideas on countering climate change issues and developing climate resilient society. Seoul CEC is the 1st international conference in Korea that employs interdisciplinary methods specifically focusing on climate change and energy issues. Also every year Seoul CEC has delivered key outcomes of the conference to the United Nations Secretary-General and leaders of the global community before the United Nations Climate Summit where DAO IPCI is hosting the side event: BCI: Decentralized Integrity. Public Blockchain Cases for Sustainable Financing and Carbon Markets .