DAO IPCI” is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization “Integral Platform for Climate Initiatives”, an independent, open and decentralized smart contracts and blockchain technology-based ecosystem for carbon market instruments, for environmental market assets, rights and liabilities

"Environmental Program" is a climate change and impact mitigation program operating in DAO IPCI

Environmental unit” is a digital unit issued in DAO IPCI representing climate change, environmental mitigation outcome achieved and verified in accordance with the rules and requirements of relevant environment program

Operator” is a person authorized by relevant environmental program to supervise compliance with the rules and requirements of the program in DAO IPCI, to issue internal token within the issuance limit, and to approve issuance limits for environmental units, their validity period and security reservation parameters

Issuer” is an original owner of underlying mitigation outcomes, who initiates the procedure to issue environmental units in DAO IPCI

Complier” is an an identified user performing in compliance with DAO IPCI rules, and pursuing certain climate change, environmental mitigation policy, or program

Independent Entity” is an independent entity accredited by the Operator authorized to assess and verify mitigation outcomes' and quantified commitments' compliance with relevant climate program, environmental mitigation program rules and requirements as underlying for the environmental units issued in DAO IPCI, and to assure preclusion of double spending

Internal Token” (Mitigation Token, MITO) is a current digital unit issued by the operators of environmental programs within the issuance limit to reflect transactions, transfer of rights and commitments in DAO IPCI

Issuance limit” is a maximum number of digital units set to be issued to the registries

Smart contract” is a partially or fully self-executing computer protocol that facilitates, verifies, or enforces the negotiation or performance of a contract.

Using DAO IPCI website and blockchain platform

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Basic terms and explanations


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Provisional Terms for Pilot Operations


  1. To account for settlement of payments for climate mitigation outcomes between the participants of pilot transactions IPCI Operator shall issue internal token (Mitigation Token, MITO) in the amount limited by the Issuance Limit of 10,000 units
  2. MITO is intended to reflect acquirement of environmental units (carbon credits) to offset GHG emissions (carbon footprint) operations in DAO IPCI
  3. Accounting exchange rate of MITO for the given limited emission is equivalent to 1 (One) Euro
  4. Internal token MITO is transferred by the IPCI Operator to the Compliers' and Users' confirmed addresses  in the amount equal to their commitments in Euro “ confirmed by the documents downloaded to IPFS
  5. Environmental units acquired in DAO IPCI by Complier in exchange for MITO are transferred to the Burning contract, which reflects the offsetting of GHG emissions (carbon footprint) operations
  6. MITO transferred in DAO IPCI to the Issuer’s address reflect the commitment to finance specific climate mitigation projects in the corresponding amount.
  7. Payment in Euro shall be executed at the Issuer's request, and receipt of corresponding invoice and corresponding amount of MITO is surrendered by the Issuer to IPCI Operator ; the amount of payment shall correspond to the amount of MITO surrendered by the Issuer and shall not exceed commitment describe in p.4