Carbon markets now and in the near future

Carbon Dioxide


Global Temperature

1.7°F since 1880

Arctic Sea Ice

13.3percent per decade

Land Ice

281.0 Gigatonnes per year

Sea Level

3.4millimeters per year

Climate Programs

Functioning and growing
Voluntary programs

Numerous dispersed programs with incompatible requirements, high transaction costs and low liquidity instruments

Functioning and growing
Mandatory programs

Isolated systems under rigid centralized government regulations with high transaction costs and non-fungible instruments

New approach
Distributed Blockchain-based network

Solves the issues of fraud, double counting of assets. Unlimited options for linkage, interoperability and program integration, fungibility of instruments at discretion of numerous market stakeholders with negligible transaction costs.

We have created decentralized Blockchain-based ecosystem for the Users to work with environmental assets, liabilities and carbon market institutions

DAO IPCI provides for the users to allocate and manage environmental assets and liabilities through distributed ledgers stored in Blockchain. The technology ensures transparency and reliability of transactions, possibility of global interactions with carbon market institutions, including carbon registries in the first place.


Functions of the Operator of the Program

The Operator’s Interface at the Platform allows to perform the following functions:

  • Approval of new Ledgers and issuance of independently assured Units in the amount within the established limit;
  • Approval of New Issuer’s access to trading (Marketplace);
  • Approval of the Accredited Auditors List.

All operations are transparent, safe and performed by means of smart-contracts.

API to place carbon footprint offsetting option to your website

Practically any and all products, goods and services carry GHG emissions footprint.

Placing DAO IPCI API to your website you may provide your Clients with buying carbon credits to offset footprint “one click option”.

Our API is free, and you may download the code at GitHub or contact our specialist.