According to OOO Khimprom (Russia, Kemerovo) press-release:
Emission reductions achieved in 2013-2016 by OOO Khimprom performing Waste Coke Oven Gas Utilization Project to substitute natural gas heat generation, are undergoing independent assurance under the Integral Program for Climate Initiatives requirements.
These GHG emission reductions are going to be first carbon credits to be issued after Russia has discontinued participation in Kyoto protocol article 6 joint implementation mechanism.
Carbon credits shall be issued in DAO IPCI blockchain to raise financing for further implementation of result-based low carbon strategy and to mitigate GHG emissions.
DAO IPCI public blockchain secures operations with independently verified carbon units by rigid principles of transparency, reliability, decentralization, preclusion of double-spending, falsifications, and data manipulations.

Contact: info@ipci.io