DAO IPCI message to the community 2020/2021

Thank you so much for your constant support of the DAO IPCI open-source non-commercial project! We are happy to share some 2020 achievements and key-milestones for 2021. A more detailed roadmap will be announced and communicated in the upcoming months. 

DAO IPCI is a public and programmable blockchain-based independent ecosystem designed for societal cost markets and mitigation instruments, including environmental assets, rights and liabilities. It’s main aim is to provide common space, tools, and ecosystem to allow businesses and individuals to register, transfer and trade mitigation units as well as offset carbon footprint.  

DAO IPCI biggest contributors are Robonomics and Evercity who support the implementation of visionary ideas of Dr. Anton Galenovich. Despite the ongoing global crisis and loss of its leader DAO IPCI made consecutive progress in 2020:

Plans for 2021:

We wish a happy and prosperous New Year to all of you! 2021 will be our year! 

Best regards,

IPCI team