The Integration Platform for Climate Initiatives (DAO IPCI) took part in the Digital Assets Investment Forum (DAIF) that took place on January 16 in New York. DAO IPCI was represented by its co-founder Alexey Shadrin, who became a member of the newly-established Digital Assets Leadership Committee (DALC).

In the latest 3 years digital assets have been gaining popularity from individual and venture investors, as proved by the amount of funds raised through ICO: it exceeded $ 4 billion in 2017. Therefore the goal of DALC is to monitor and promote the best practices in the digital asset markets, to help create a sustainable ecosystem of blockchain-powered investment.

“We created the Mitigation Token as a universal exchange vehicle for multiple green finance assets. We hope to unite green finance markets across the globe”Alexey Shadrin, the DAO IPCI mission, stated on the forum.

The committee united a number of the blockchain investment market leaders such as LDJ Capital, YIMI VC, Blockchain Frontier Group, NEM, DAO IPCI, SWARM Fund, NewPay, Super Game Chain, the Global Platofrm, ICONIQ Lab, BITNATION, Art Impact Foundation, FireLotto etc.

DAIF was hosted by the international network FinTech4Good that brings together 15 major digital economy investment hubs in 10 countries, 68 startups and 3 industry committees. Fintech4Good organizes or co-organizes 70 global events dedicated to the blockchain industry.