A group of cryptocurrency / Blockchain thought leaders have created a new group seeking to help guide the fast growing digital currency market. Announced at the Digital Assets Investment Forum (DAIF) held in New York City this month, the Digital Asset Leadership Committee (DALC) believes that Blockchain holds the promise to disrupt existing business models across different sectors such as financial services, agriculture, healthcare and energy.

In collaboration with global partners, FinTech4Good, the Committee is composed of executives from some of the leading organizations such as LDJ Capital, YIMI VC, Blockchain Frontier Group, NEM, DAO IPCI, SWARM Fund, NewPay, Super Game Chain, the Global Platform, ICONIQ Lab, BITNATION, Art Impact Foundation, and Fire Lotto.

“The Digital Asset Leadership Committee aims to bring together institutions and global experts to provide thought leadership and implement impactful initiatives to scale up digital asset investing around the world,” said by Xiaochen Zhang, DAO IPCI Adviser, President of FinTech4Good and the Chairman of the Committee.

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