On March 9-10, DAO IPCI participated in the international MoinBlockchain conference in Hamburg, Germany. The event was focused on gender diversity in blockchain community, but the reports and panel discussions covered a wide range of topics concerning the ecosystem - from the ways to raise security and usability to the potential of blockchain in the aerospace industry. The participants came from such companies as Airbus, BMW, Ernst & Young, IOTA, Zcash, Allianz and others. 60% of the speakers were women.

Ones who make their first steps in the crypto and blockchain world had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of how blockchain ecosystem works, and the ones already immersed in the subject could focus on specific issues and industries. Some speakers dealt with the potential of digital technologies for energy efficiency and environmental protection. The DAO IPCI representative Alexey Shadrin made a report "Delivering Blockchain Infrastructure for Climate Market", explaining how blockchain technology will enhance the development of green assets market.

The non-profit organization MOIN that hosted this conference teaches girls and women to code. Its goal is to enable women to actively participate in building a digital future and to gain equal opportunities with men in tech world. MOIN seeks to create a supportive community where women and girls are inspired to develop their skills, seek mentors and find resources to build an IT career of their dream.