DAO IPCI stakeholder may choose either to join existing programs as user, issuer, complier or independent entity (under the program operator control) or to launch new program undertaking the functions of the operator for such new program.

DAO IPCI stakeholder may launch new program by

Step 1. Set the Rules of your Program

The rules you would want to set should specifically describe what your environmental unit would represent: a ton of reduction of air emissions, of effluent, or Megawatt hour of green energy, or other mitigation outcome you can measure and verify. See the sample Program Rules at the section “THE PROGRAMS OPERATING IN DAO IPCI” of the White Paper.

Make the Rules public and communicate with operator@ipci.io for the Rules to be published at DAO IPCI website.

Step 2. Accept Mitigation Token Policy

To make verified environmental units you issue in DAO IPCI blockchain exchangeable, tradable via DAO IPCI Market you would need a digital currency, specifically designed to work with DAO IPCI protocols, smart-contracts, modules, market. Please read carefully the “Mitigation Token” section of the White Paper and communicate with operator@ipci.io to confirm that you accept the policy and protocol described therein.

Step 3. Create DAO

Go to DAO IPCI DApp at http://dapp.ipci.io with your Ethereum wallet (ex. Metamask, Parity) running and select the function of the “Operator” and “Create DAO” in the Menu.

Fill the fields giving the name to your Program, description and the name of the Operator.

Submit and if you agree with Ethereum fee for creating DAO core approve the transaction. Make sure you copy the DAO Core address or track it via Etherscan.

Add you program to decentralized application by selecting “Add Program”, inserting your DAO Core address and selecting “Go”.

Now you have your own blockchain-based mitigation program running!

All you have to do is to bring in

Please not that combining the functions of Operator, Issuer, Independent Entity within the same DAO is prohibited by DAO IPCO Basic Terms.

To run your Program refer to the Manual at https://ipci.io or ask for assistance at operator@ipci.io or info@ipci.io.