DAO IPCI protocol aiming at global green economy blockchainization has announced the presale of Mitigation Token (MITO) starting September 11, 2017 at http://mito.ipci.io

Green finance markets are gaining momentum across the globe providing an economic solution to environmental and climate crisis. Carbon market, for example, is projected to become largest commodity market valuing at $ 10 trillion. However, existing initiatives are highly fragmented.

Mitigation Token was designed to unite global green finance markets by acting as exchange vehicle allowing to monetize all types of environmental assets. MITO is based on the DAO IPCI protocol that has been in place since early 2017 pioneering the world’s first carbon credit transaction on the blockchain.

DAO IPCI international team was officially invited to the UN Climate Change Conference COP23 where its detailed proposal to blockchainize the Paris Agreement will be studied. Initial Coin Offering of MITO will be announced in November at one of the COP23 events.

By participation in MITO presale, you will help to establish a Swiss-based international NGO aiming at accelerating green economy by further development of a universal framework for easy monetization of clean technologies and mitigation programs. DAO IPCI public blockchain ecosystem will grow with the booming green economy, which is recognized globally as a key to Planet’s sustainable future.

PLEASE NOTE: the contract address and further participation instructions will appear only at http://mito.ipci.io