Welcome to DAO IPCI and Blockchain Climate Insitiute's side event “Decentralized Integrity for Climate Finance and  Carbon Markets” - Friday, 14 December, 11:30-13:00, Room Wisla

Green finance and climate change experts from different countries will reveal the advantages of blockchain for environmental finance and present real-life use cases when blockchain technology is used to accelerate the implementation of the Paris Agreement. You will learn how Internet of Things, drones and other most modern technological trends will be integrated to the young technologically advanced ecosystem for climate finance.

The use cases in focus come from South Korea, Nigeria, Russia, France and the USA. The side event will be followed by a Q&A session. You will be able to discuss broad aspects of blockchain implementation for climate issues and learn about 2018 use cases as well as plan your own blockchain implementation for 2019 and beyond.


Alastair Marke (Blockchain Climate Institute): Introduction to BCI and panel


Bilal Anwar (Commonwealth Secretariat) or Joseph Badevokila (CTCN): Barriers facing Least Developed Countries in access to climate finance and perspectives on negotiations


James Close (BCI): Considerations of International Financial Institutions for climate investment in the Least Developed Countries


Alastair Marke (BCI): Combining blockchain, drones, AI and satellite imagery for climate finance architecture


Julien Bouteloup (Flying Carpet): Demonstration of geospatial analytics for forest monitoring

12:25 - 12:35

Alexey Shadrin (DAO IPCI): Interoperability of blockchains and climate mitigation programs

12:35 - 12:45

Joseph Pallant (BCI): Catalysing Paris Agreement Article 6 by connecting national carbon accounts on the blockchain


Sang-Hyup Kim (Coalition for Our Common Future): Blockchain-based carbon reduction: Jeju case

12:55 - 13:00

Questions and Answers session moderated by Alastair Marke: