Khimprom has placed first offers to sell carbon credits (Transferable Mitigation Units - TMU) at DAO IPCI MITO Market at http://dapp.ipci.io/. Interested MITO holders may either accept the offer or place counter proposals specifying the amount of TMU they want to purchase and the price in MITO they propose.

These GHG emission reductions are the first carbon credits issued after Russia has discontinued participation in Kyoto protocol article 6 joint implementation mechanism.

TMUs may be used to offset carbon footprint or stored for future periods.

The address of TMU ERC 20 token registry in the Ethereum network is 0x51fb304d77768ddb2b52a1e07273a4dd7cf68dc.

The offers not only mark the launch of MITO Market but in fact are the first market offers of carbon credits on blockchain.

Mitigation Token (or MITO) is the key element to provide for transactions’ efficiency and integrity of DAO IPCI ecosystem.

Mitigation Token sole purpose is to provide market exchange operations with environmental units issued to the environmental units’ registries by independent entities under the rules and supervision of operators, which accept MITO policy.

Contact: info@ipci.io