Travel4Green (T4G) Papua New Guinea (PNG) Project is about offsetting global tourism carbon footprints and sustaining indigenous forests in Papua New Guinea.  It is one of those travel carbon offsetting projects throughout the world, this time travelers offset their carbon footprints directly to indigenous communities in Papua New Guinea to sustain the standing forests and plant new trees.

A not-for-profit project is independent of any NGO or Government designed on a consortium blockchain platform to implement PNG’s REDD+ programs.

The parties make up the consortium include the Operator, the Regulator, Forestry Land Group Representatives, Travelers, Volunteers (individuals/organizations) and Grievance Redress.

The Government of Papua New Guinea through Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA) acts as the regulator in the consortium blockchain system to verify REDD+ carbon credits.

The project is currently registered with CCDA as a REDD+ client for monitoring and coordination purposes.

DAO IPCI collaborates with the T4G PNG Project in the space of providing advisory and consultation on carbon markets and trade.

Founder of DAO IPCI Dr. Anton Galenovich said: “T4G PNG project and token design is still a rare for green economy distinctive example of environmental integrity, economic consistency and transparency brought with public blockchain to cure climate change damages for the people, to preserve indigenous forests, biodiversity on sound peer-to peer basis.

The travelers can make sure their contributions reach the communities responsible for sustainable forestry and are met with verified outcomes of targeted efforts.  The Project design leaves no space for interventions, manipulations, fraud or corruption.”

DAO IPCI and Airalab Technology Leader Sergey Lonshakov said: “We are making sure that all the benefits of public blockchain technology including IoT-based verification provide for transparency, reliability and inclusivity”.

Founder of T4G PNG Project Peter Kinjap said the project is to run on a consortium blockchain platform to give access to CCDA as the regulator, to verify REDD+ credits and monitor forest areas.

To discuss a proposal with the T4G PNG project team, please send an email to: t4gpng@gmail.com

See T4G White Paper, Version 3