More than two hundred thousand carbon credits issued under Khimprom's GHG emission reduction project have been registered in DAO IPCI, a blockchain ecosystem for carbon markets, environmental assets and obligations. 

The auditor for Khimprom performed registration registered and transferred environmental units ‘TMU Khimprom’ (the address of the token registry in the Ethereum network: 0x51fb304d77768ddb2b52a1e07273a4dd7cf68dc) in DAO IPCI blockchain ecosystem to the address of Khimprom (0xafaeeffa310b86755f8c3c4f8d0048b1d21b1024) in the amount of 201085 units corresponding to KPMG's Conclusion on the Project Report, via transaction in the Ethereum main network:


Assurance of carbon credits has been performed to confirm compliance with the requirements and criteria of the Integrated Program for Climate Initiatives of the Russian Carbon Fund, the most rigid criteria applied by climate change mitigation programs and standards.

Availability of units in the registry and the account of OOO Khimprom are reflected in the DAO IPCI decentralized application (http://dapp.ipci.io ) for the Integrated Program for Climate Initiatives with the DAO Core address: 0x0091DeC954D68362608Dc90A606F638FBadf21D4

The environmental units will be used to offset carbon footprint, and can be transferred both directly, with conventional settlements, and via the MITO market in DAO IPCI blockchain ecosystem.

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